IFNOTEMPTY for reports

I am fairly new to APPSHEET development. We have an app for our truck dispatch that drivers scan paperwork into. We generate a report to send to the suppliers. We have 3 places for drivers to upload paperwork. some loads have 3 some have 2. Is there a way to have the report generate only for the images uploaded? Our suppliers do not like the empty pages.
Here is a screenshot of the report


How or where would I put it in the report sheet?

Probably within a “Template IF”, which surrounds the portion of the report that you want to conditionally show…

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I am really new to the expression in reports. how would you format this

Something like this:

<<IF: ISNOTBLANK( #thing-to-check-if-not-blank# )>>

things to 
display conditionally 
if above 
is not blank

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