iFrame UX?

Awesome news! Can hardly wait! Let me know if you need more testers. :wink:


Hi Martin,

Would you mind sharing a little bit more what you expect to do with an iframe ?
Thanks a lot!


i m not intended to hijack the post and your question, Arthur, but pleaes allow me to put a comment.

There are bunch of, millions of possible use cases for I frame within appsheet app. Just simply embed the external web and web app and display within the appsheet app to bring the single point of access to the app useres to connect different app rather than open up external services through the external browser. This will bring more confort to the app user to stay a single place. In stead of static image for external site and service I frame should give the "interaction’ to the app user to play around / with external services as well.

In additional, if we have micro service or small widget app based on URL web app style, then we simply embed (iframe) to display those widget within appsheet app as well. Yes, it is not a static images embeded to the app, it is proper app. There will be animation, movemenet etc within that widget, which make improve the UI and exprience to the much richer level.

If I m allowed to keep talking what sort of stuffs, we are able to achieve wiht I frame + appsheet, probably I need not a day, but weeks, months and years!

Backing to the possible appsheet new features of I frame, I remember @TDhers mentioned a bit during the past webiner, that it could be brought to us as “additional view type”? I assume we push the ulr to the new view type and it will display the external web as being embeded and expanded within full screenside? (possibly, we need to align the height and width of i frame though…) That is no doubt, super helpful and powerful as well.

In addition to I frame type “VIEW” in appsheet, I wish to have new Data type “I frame” for data fields set up. Currently, we have number of different data type, date, text, image, thumbnail audio etc etc. In addition to that, I want to have “iframe” type where we simply push the external URL into the app formula. Then the app will display external service, website as data value, like the dynamic images apeearing in the app everywhere. It looks tyny, so may not fit to the proper web app to embed to the field, but external web service which provides the widget type of service through the public url, then those service will fit to be display within data fields rather than rendering them on the full screen view …

Make sense?


Not at all! My main goal is using it to display google datastudio reports witch i design for mobile view.

I find that it is a lot easier to filter data based on diffrent timeperiods and other metrics in datastudio and since my users use that when on computers it would simply be amazing to have the exact same functionality directly within the app. Still showing the hamburger menu on top left and buttons on the bottom.

If it could automaticly carry over the logged in google account it would be truly amazing. And ofcourse that we can set the URL with formulas so diffrent users can be directed to diffrent pages using the same view.

Other uses I will probably try it as will be manual pages. And possibly some simple and fun web apps using google scripts.


Thank you both @Martin_Eidensten and @tsuji_koichi !

Koichi, I agree there is a lot we could do there and precisely the reason why I’m asking about it.
Martin, with respect to your first example, know that we’re also working on upgrading our charts.


I had a similar idea for embedding a page that is generated from an HTML template.

Instead of the GDoc template generating an HTML email, it could be used as the template for viewing a certain row inside an iframe. Then we could preview email templates/attachments before sending them!

It would be awesome if the exact same DocId (template) could be used for an email/attachment, or an iframe view for that row.

@Arthur_Rallu, are there any plans for AppSheet to be able to generate the iframe content? Or will it strictly be for displaying external content from some other URL?


I fully agree! I would also like more control over templated HTML. It’s currently very difficult to put template expressions “anywhere” in the HTML


Hi @TDhers

Just came to my thought where your team are standing for this new awaited features?
Getting close to introduce something new to us before the Christmas? or after that?



Hi @TDhers, @Arthur_Rallu

If you need testers for this, just let me know. We’re currently using a super ugly workaround with Firefox and a side panel extension to run our app alongside some legacy software it’s been designed to complement


Thank you Mikhail. We might indeed.


I also volunteer. :slight_smile:

@Arthur_Rallu ^

I would love to get in on this. :heart_eyes:

An iFrame would give much greater control over how data is displayed in our apps. Considering dynamically producing SVG’s and/or HTML tables to be displayed in the iFrame.


Yes we are doing this.

In fact, we did it. We rolled it out to a few users. We’ll figure out what is holding up rolling it out to everyone else.


I could really use the iframe option with my apps. Any update on this? @Jonathon @Greg_Stevenson


@praveen , any update on the iframe view?

I could really use it on an existing project to preview an HTML body being generated in AppSheet. Please add my account to the test for this feature if it is available to roll out per account.


I’d also love to have test access to iFrame UX if available.

This is more than 2 quarters waited by the community I hope, any expectations that iframe releases?


@praveen has a date been given for this release?


I’m following the progress on this issue. What’s the latest? Can I add “iframe” to wordpress page for example without any problem.