IFS expression with Expiration Date

I’m working wiith a tracking training course app for my company. Some course has expiration date and other don’t have the same expiration (for example, specific course for safety at work expire after 5 years, course for fire prevention expire after 3 years but other course not expire after a specific time)

Like you can see, I use the IFS expression in order to set the expiration date for course that have a specific expiration but in this way, when in the form I selected a course that I don’t put in my query, I don’t see the column “Expiration date” in form view . I saw that with expression IFS in not possibile use in the expression FALSE as return value.

How can I view the column “expiration date” even if I selected a course that not have specific expiration date?

Set the Show? setting for the column to the expression TRUE.


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In SHOW i set this expression:

Because the general training course doesn’t expire and in order to reduce mistake, i have not to see the column “Expiration Date” IF i select “FORMAZIONE LAVORATORI - MODULO GENERALE”.