IFS Statement Syntax

Hi. Could someone tell me what the issue is with input 6 in the IFS expression screenshot attached.

What I want to achieve is to set the [Customer ID] field’s initial value to the MINROW table value of [Customer ID].

Thank you.

Hi @MauriceWhelan,

I believe MINROW() expression will return a refeference type column value.

Other SELECT() statements seem to he returning [Customer ID] in List() format. So there seems to be mismatch in type of values returned by three IFS() subexpressions.


So if you are expecting the first two SELECT() statmentsto return just one [Customer Id] value, then you may wrap the SELECT() statements with ANY() to return a single value.

Is [Customer Id] the key column?


Hi @Suvrutt_Gurjar

Thank you for your response. I had just done what you suggested and I seem to be getting my desired behaviour :slight_smile:


Good to know that @MauriceWhelan. However please note that you may use a suitable function to convert LISTs returned by SELECT() statement. If the SELECT() is always expected to return only one value ,then ANY() will do, it some other suitable function such as INDEX(), TOP() etc. may need to he used.