I'm being signed into the wrong AppSheet acco...

(Michael) #1

I’m being signed into the wrong AppSheet account!!!

I know I have at least two AppSheet accounts but, apparently there is a third account I wasn’t aware of?..

Account used for work: 285473 Account for other: 352471 Mystery account: 284142

When I attempt to sign into the work account, I am actually signed into the mystery account where I have NO ACCESS to all of my apps…

I have cleared the cache of two separate browsers and am still signed into the wrong account

@praveen @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Hi, would you please email to support@appsheet.com so we don’t need to show your private details here.

(Michael) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio I have and I believe Adam is working on it. At the moment, I am being signed into the correct account.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Okay good!