I'm building an application that manages my s...

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I’m building an application that manages my subscriptions for my customers who are using apps that I’ve built in AppSheet.

I would like to be able to pull my list of Apps and their Status (deployed or not) from “My Apps” in the AppSheet manager.

Is that possible?

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(Grant Stead) #3

@David_Hopkins Currently there is no way to bring any of the meta data of what we do in the editor into an actual data table. Basically, think of it like this, appsheet itself doesn’t have an API or a ZAP that you can use to connect to. So while we’re building these cool apps, The data in appsheet itself is closed off to us. @praveen Let me know if I put this incorrectly.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

That’s pretty accurate.

It is not that the data is intentionally closed off. It is just that in terms of priorities, it has been less important to expose the management data via an API (or something you can use in an app).

That said, the App Gallery app is pretty much exactly this — it has information about each of the user’s apps. Actually internally, it also has the information about whether it is deployed or not. It is implemented as an AppSheet app. The only difference is that we have an additional “native” data source that provides access to a special set of “tables”. In this case, a special native table that lists the apps of the user.

We could expose this but we’ve been somewhat wary of it because not too many people actually need to use it. But if you expose it, people will use it and it is more surface area to have bugs in and break people when we change things.

Long-winded answer to say – no, we don’t expose this right now.

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No worries, I was just thinking out loud really… I can see how the security concerns would certainly be great.

Part of my Overseer manager app is “deployed or not” and i was simply thinking about making that automatic based on the actual app state… however, it’s just as easy to set a manual toggle. which is what I started with .

Thanks again


Im calling this one closed .

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@David_Hopkins I want to call my admin app overseer… But, I already call it Overlord…

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