I'm building off of Gwen and Peter's Inventor...

(Art Travis) #1

I’m building off of Gwen and Peter’s Inventory Mgt 2.0 app. I have a Putaway action that calls a Putaway form that records an inventory receipt record.

I preload the form with inventory location and Row & Shelf columns from an ItemMaster table.

Then it saves to the Putaway table.

Here is my LINKTOFORM.

Is there a way, in this same LINKTOFORM expression, to also write back to my ItemMaster the Inventory Location and Row & Shelf data? (for changes or new locations)

LINKTOFORM(“Putaway”, “Item#”,[Item#],“Item Name”,[Item Name],“Email”,USEREMAIL(),“Inv Location”,[Inv Location],“Row & Shelf”,[Row & Shelf])

Or do I need to group two actions together?


(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Art_Travis As the name of the function suggests, LINKTOFORM will only open a new form view with pre-filled values. This means you will need to create another action to write data back to the table, and then group the actions together.