I'm connecting to Google Sheets, and it seems...

(Chris Rea) #1

I’m connecting to Google Sheets, and it seems like whenever I have an “Add Row” action, it takes 30 - 60 seconds for each new row to be added.

Is this normal?

Am I missing a setting or optimization somewhere?

(Philip Garrett) #2


What are you seeing when you look at the performance data at Manage > Monitor > Performance Profile?

(Chris Rea) #3

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Hi Philip - I pulled those numbers from there - see screenshot.


I did have an add row action today that was only 5 seconds, but that kind of time is few and

far between

(Chris Rea) #4

@Chris_Rea and another set of examples

(Chris Rea) #5

@Chris_Rea that Register table, btw, has 1782 records in it currently - don’t know if that impacts the performance of adding a new row?

there are also 10 spreadsheet fields in that table - not sure if that also impacts performance?

(Philip Garrett) #6


For some reason it sometimes takes Google a long time to read the “Register” worksheet. Sometimes it returns the table in less than a second. At other times it can take 17 or 18 seconds.

If you dig into both the Sync and Add performance entries you will see that the read times of “Register” vary widely. Ditto for some of your other tables.

When we add a record we must first read the table, so the slow read time is causing add to take a long time also. You can see that for yourself by digging into the Add performance records.

I would focus on why Google Sheets is taking so long to return the “Register” worksheet. Expensive worksheet formulas might be a factor. Expensive references to other tables might be a factor. I suggest you focus on that worksheet and the other slow ones. You may see a pattern by doing that.

(Chris Rea) #7

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh gotcha, thanks for the insight.

I’ll dig into the google sheet itself - I wasn’t aware that you needed to read the table before inserting a row, although that makes sense when I think about it.