I'm creating an app that matches users based ...

(Sheneka Wilbert) #1

I’m creating an app that matches users based on their career interest and high school. What template would be best to use?

(Vernelle Kruse) #2

What do you mean by what template? are you asking what kind of style? there are multiple ways to achieve what you are looking for, but I think you need to be more specific in how you want your information to show up.

there are tons of template apps that can pull up information based on searches you are looking for (e.g. career interest).

(Sheneka Wilbert) #3

Vernelle, thank you for responding. I’m interested in creating an app very similar to the networking app, Shapr. Where would I start using app sheet?

(Vernelle Kruse) #4

Hmm, Shapr is a little more developed, but I think you might be able to make something similar if you identify certain things for your users. If they fill out certain fields like “High School,” “Career Type,” Career Interest," “Hobbies,” etc., that is predetermined (meaning that the choices they choose are predetermined through something like an ENUM function, you would be able to match and filter through the selected choices. from there, you would have to create some kind of formula that will group off the same choices or near same choices in an area (such as showing all people who have selected the same “High School” or same “Career Type”).

If you want the app you create to do it automatically for you, that is going to be extremely difficult because what you are asking to get done some something similar to an algorithm that is more on the coding side. The best workaround is to have your app show certain people based on what they enter as mentioned before, but it will not show recommendations or anything like that like it would on Shapr or Tinder or any other app that uses algorithms like that. too complex.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!