I'm creating an application which helps "gate...

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I’m creating an application which helps “gate guards” register in visitors who are being escorted. There is a one key feature that I haven’t been able to easily figure out. I have a spreadsheet listing of people who are on a “Do Not Enter” listing. What I would like to see happen is that when someone is entered into the app who is on the “Do Not Enter” list there name would format red and with a flag. I know how to do the formatting. I just don’t know how to have Appsheet look at the “Do Not Enter” spreadsheet to make that connection. Anyone have any ideas?

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@Emergency_Manager The recipe I provided should give you what you want. Specifically:

“In If this condition is true, enter the following formula: =IN([Visitor Name], Do Not Enter[Name]) (replace Visitor Name with the name of the appropriate column in the table identified in the previous step).”

The idea is you want that list of “Do Not Enter” names in another table that you can reference in expressions, then checking against it is easy.

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Go through this


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@Sdfaheemuddin I was able to previously add the data as a table. What I’m trying to do is have my “Escort Data” which is entered by the gate guard on the app and populates a different google sheet, I would like once the person is entered and you can see their name and picture in the mobile app, I want Appsheet to then look at the second source of data, a “Do Not Escort” List. If the person that they entered is on that “Do Not Enter” list I want the App to format that persons name with a flag and to go red. I know how to format data so that isn’t the trick. I just can’t figure out how to get appsheet to use a second source of data to specifically QC the data and pin point discrepancies.

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If you want to apply different formats to different columns, or under different conditions, you’ll need additional rules. Each rule must have a unique name.

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QC in this case means Quality Control. I’ve been able to do formatting in other apps I have created, my challenge here isn’t necessarily the format scripting.

What I have is a static list of people I do not want to enter an area. Gate guards will be using the app to register in guests and their escorts into an area. What I would like the app to do is as they register a new person into the area, if that persons name matches a name on the “Do Not Enter” list then that new data, that was just entered, will format accordingly, for example larger font, bold red, and a large red flag next to the name. This will prompt the gate guard to further review the list to bounce it against DL# etc.

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Assuming your spreadsheet of “Do Not Enter” names is available in your app as a table called Do Not Enter, and that the column in it with the names is Name…

In the app editor, go to UX > Format Rules and click Add New Format Rule.

Set Rule name as desired.

In For this data, select the table that contains the column (or columns) you want to highlight in the app. This would be the table corresponding to the form the guards fill out when someone enters the facility.

In If this condition is true, enter the following formula: =IN([Visitor Name], Do Not Enter[Name]) (replace Visitor Name with the name of the appropriate column in the table identified in the previous step).

In Format these columns or actions, select one or more columns to be highlighted when a match is found on the “Do Not Enter” list.

In Icon, optionally choose an icon to be displayed immediately next to the columns chosen above when the visitor’s name matches. You can only choose one icon.

For Highlight color, optionally choose the color for the icon you chose, if any.

For Text color, optionally choose a color for the column text when the visitor’s name matches.

For Text size, optionally choose a text size adjustment. 1 means “no change”.

For Text style, optionally enable additional font effects to apply when the name matches.

The WORKFLOW TEMPLATES section doesn’t apply in your case.

Provide a Descriptive comment as you see fit.

SAVE your changes.