I'm having an issue adding google drive as a ...

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #1

I’m having an issue adding google drive as a data source. Never had an issue in my other account. This is a ‘premium’ subscription account.

I had no issue adding google calendar, but when I go to add google drive, it doesn’t seem to apply or show up in the data sources list.

It’s worth noting that I did add google drive as a data source under a different google account in this appsheet account previously, but it was mistakenly my personal google account (when I meant to add my work one).

Am I missing something? I don’t see any indication anywhere that there is a google drive data source that has been added.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #2

Still an issue… can’t seem to figure this one out.

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #3

I’m wondering, is this an issue with ‘Team Drive’ being enabled in Google Drive?

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #4

Update: User error. Sorry to both you all :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jesse Prud'Homme) #5

Worth noting, though, that Appsheet doesn’t want anything to do with Team Drive yet. Hopefully that feature is in the works!