I'm having some trouble debugging a behavior....

(Robert Sokoloski) #1

I’m having some trouble debugging a behavior.

I added a behavior that does multiple things, places a call and brings you to a form to log the call.

I’m trying to have it prefill some of the data so I’m using the LINKTOFORM() function.

When I test the form and copy/paste the url it builds it seems to look fine and prefills the fields.

But actually using the button doesn’t work as expected.

I was hoping to test this further by using the log call action I made on the detail view but it will only display if I make the display inline.

So I supposed I have 2 questions, why won’t some column values come across in the grouped effect, and why won’t an app: go to another view not show up on the detail page if display prominently is checked?


@Robert_Sokoloski If I understood correctly you have something like some data change actions, an action to initiate a phone call, and at the end an action to navigate to the form? Is there any pattern to the fields that don’t get prefilled, such as being changed earlier in the action?

Would you mind if I inspect the app directly to debug the problem? If that’s ok, just send an email to adam@appsheet.com with the app name and account number, the names of the actions and views involved, and steps to view them within the app.