I'm having trouble with a LINKTOFORM action n...

(Carl Foster) #1

I’m having trouble with a LINKTOFORM action not quite working as I hoped. Here is the formula:

=LINKTOFORM(“Quote Log_Form”, “DateTime”, NOW(), “Description”," New Quotation Created", “User”, USEREMAIL(), “Quote Number”, [_THISROW].[Quote Number])

This is actioned when a new Quote is saved. The Log Form opens and all the data is automatically input except for the Quote Number, which is the key column for the Quote just saved. Can you see where I’ve gone wrong?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Try to remove the [_THISROW].

(Carl Foster) #3

Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio that did work. I’m disappointed though that the autosave setting of the form only works if you click into the last item and then out again, and not if values are entered programmatically.