I'm interested in creating an app for "infras...

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I’m interested in creating an app for “infrastructure nerds” like myself. We like to document different types of water storage tanks throughout the country (US)… Like I said - we’re nerds:-)

The app would be a “view only” app with a pre-existing catalog of different types of water tanks (over 80) with a brief description and a picture. Very simple.

The only interactivity I’d be interested in providing users is the ability to geographically “check-in” when they come across one of the water tanks in the app and have this show up as a map that all users of the app can access. So an app user would be able to look on a map in the app and see that someone nearby found a water tank of interest or that someone across the country found a rarity.

So, couple of questions: - Is this technically possible? And, - What subscription plan would be required if I wanted to put this on an app store?


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I love it!

Hey @Dialect_Junk, yes what you’re wanting to do is Totally possible.

I would start by looking here, this app might be exactly what you’re looking for!

appsheet.com - US National Parks - An app to show locations, images, and contact information

With an app like this, it depends on if you wanted the app to be able to push out notifications or not.

You’d use a “Public app” licence,

and if you wanted notifications it would cost $20/month! Otherwise cut it in half. US National Parks - An app to show locations, images, and contact information appsheet.com

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Amazing! That’s darn near perfect! Quick follow-up:

Will this set-up require enabling “private table” for the map feature to work? I guess I want to avoid forcing users to log-in

to use the app?..

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No need for that.

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If you want to put this app to App Store, you should use Publisher Pro.

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Thanks, all, for the info!