I'm new to AppSheet and I was wondering how t...

(Karl Reith) #1

I’m new to AppSheet and I was wondering how to create a very basic app that allows me to clock in and out; kind of like a timesheet but radically simple. All i want it to do is upon launch, show me two buttons - one for “clock in” and one for “clock out”.

I would like the recorded data from pressing either of those two buttons to populate within a google sheet.

I don’t need to record hours, different employees etc.

Is such a thing possible?

I’ve included a visual mock up of what I would like to achieve. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

(Grant Stead) #2

You could get pretty close. Assuming you want a new record for each button press… (A snapshot of how you need the data to look would be helpful.) You could use a gallery view, and an on row select action. You would tap the button, and then currently, you would have to hit save.

Observations: What if you forget if you’ve clocked in or not? Also, you could make simple assumptions and go down to just one button.

(Grant Stead) #3

@Karl_Reith Made a quick video of my clock-in/out system for you to see what’s possible. Mines pretty complex and has a lot of bells and whistles for project construction, so you could strip that way back. cl.ly - Screen recording 2018-07-06 at 05.52.06 AM.mp4 Screen recording 2018-07-06 at 05.52.06 AM.mp4 cl.ly

(Karl Reith) #4

Thanks Grant, that’s a plan. One button would simplify everything a great deal. I’ve attached an example of what the raw data would look like, or what I would like it to look like.

(Grant Stead) #5

Very Easy.

(Grant Stead) #6

@Karl_Reith in order to create a gallery view. You’ll need a secondary table, with one record for each button you want. So only one button, would be one header row, and one record.

(Grant Stead) #7

Also, even though it’s a single button… You could actually have to buttons. And hide/show one or the other based on what going on…

(Grant Stead) #8

@Karl_Reith I made this app. feel free to copy it, look under the hood, etc. appsheet.com - Simple Clock - Simple Clock In / Out App

Also feel free to provide me a review if you found my “help” useful. https://www.appsheet.com/Portfolio/297211 Simple Clock - Simple Clock In / Out App appsheet.com