I'm not able to understand, seem to be pushed too fast without what I need and cannot fix problem or see app

I tried to look at my app today and it seems some of the 10 people I’ve been allowed to invite have made changes to the app.

This wasn’t a pre-warned ‘no can do’ and now I cannot get in to edit the app and change personal settings and it is pushing me to upgrade.

I will not do this until the app is ready. Yesterday I added ONE LETTER and the whole thing went to error and it took ages to find the problem (none of the notifications make any sense or are un-intelligible).

I asked some people to test the app, they may have uploaded a picture. I did not know that if 4 people did this, there would be this barrier.

It took forever for first readers to actually see the app! Hoop after hoop after hoop and no signposts. such as ‘Next go to your desktop and open Appsheet to view’. No routemap. People don’t buy when forced. I’ve worked in sales long enough to know that people need choice to buy and they like clear, transparent pricing. I won’t go into a process not knowing what I need at start. I won’t be herded.

Please can I see the editor and do this in my way? I was about this week to pay $50 to deploy my app but I cannot even see now to check it’s working and make last minute decisions.

I have a presentation on Friday for my marketing strategy and I am working flat out and this has been a big curve ball/time consuming, ill-timed, overwhelming distracting unexpected demand on my attention. This makes life very hard for me as I have this deadline on Friday and more than enough to do.

My review or feedback now will not be good.

I cannot understand the writing and am not given a routemap to go and change the personal settings or whatever I need to do.

Also, it SAYS CLEARLY I can invite 10 users within 30 days and this is flagging up that I have had 4 users, one of WHICH IS ME trying to show people my app as the forever hoop after hoop after irrelevant question process they have to go through to see my app does not manage expectations for me or others at all whatsoever.

This is pushing me right away.

I won’t be able to continue using app sheet, as I have dyspraxia, the notifications are all unintelligible, and it is totally disorientating me. I should be on powerpoint now working on my presentation!

  1. to clearly signpost me to the exact spot where the problem is (personal settings) so I can rectify.
  2. To allow me to check the app before I deploy
  3. To WARN me clearly if my 10 users do anything that means I need to upgrade.

Please say the upgrade price (I saw $5 a month once, now cannot find it). I am not deploying the app for COVID-19 now as the process was also unclear, badly communicated, opaque and no expectations were managed upfront.


This is what I understand from the garbled message I got today (attached): Where’s the quick, clear, instant and easy communication??

  1. 4 of my 10 users (one who came in via their google email as they were sent in that direction and didn’t get herded through the email I invited them from maybe) changed data or uploaded pictures.
  2. This makes the app personal not general? Maybe?need to upgrade??
  3. How can I rectify this in settings? What link? So this doesn’t happen UNTIL I AM READY?
  4. What price upgrade? I do not have time as I am flat out for a deadline on Friday for a presentation, I do not have time to go wading through the jungle to find the cost of the upgrade?

I am super busy right now. Can I have clear, simple, dyspraxia friendly answers? I am not ready to upgrade without first checking my app and seeing clearly and transparently how much a month and do it end of week when planned AND READY!

Thank you.

Best regards


May I humbly ask, provided have you read any AppSheet documentation regarding the app licencing and deployment before writing a novelish post here? Please check this first:

First 2 paragraphs in this page says - please pay attention:

You have marked your app explicitly as Personal, assigned/white-listed 10 users for active testing, the account pane raises a flag, an exclamation therefore for an upgrade. Besides, the moment you excess your number of licences, you receive an email reminder as well. Other than this, what were you expecting to happen?


No because I was going to do this WHEN READY and I am clearly not at this stage yet.

I’ve fallen into a trap and was going to deploy after my marketing presentation on Friday and give this the attention it demands when I was going to deploy the app.

In the editor it needs to CLEARLY roadmap me how I can use the 10 whitelisted users BEFORE this happens so I AM READY

@SophieSweatman you have already given the answers and solutions. Please read them carefully and I kindly request from you don’t re-post the same again and again.


I don’t think I am. I am trying to get 3 different answers,

I am not posting the same thing over and over again. That is your responsibility to understand correctly not make ME wrong for your misinterpretation…

Right now I am completely stuck.

It’s not my misinterpreation, it’s totally you don’t read documentation and apply them properly. Your answers are given already multiple times.

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Yes you are right, you are not posting the same thing over and over again

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The answers haven’t answered my queries. I am getting frustrated trying to communicate well what is it I need and am not getting the answers I need right now as I didn’t expect this barrier to pop up, didn’t have warning and desperate need to focusing on something else right now not spending MORE time on Appsheet when it has already totally sent me off route.

You have engaged the online community, but you appear to want formal support. Please contact support@appsheet.com for formal support.

4 different things. I am not doing what you are accusing me of. I am trying to get help through the community as, would be much more accessible and quick for me, to get answers to my questions in speech in a two way conversation, which isn’t available and expressing myself by type is very challenging for me when I have to focus on something else urgently right now.

The covid one was resolved 2 weeks ago. I may have replied to Jennifer from email so was not aware those posts would land like that. I am panicking. Try having some understanding about people. I am disorientated. I have a communications difficulty. I am disoriented. You should not be making personal criticisms of me if you are aware of my difficulty.
The deploy one was posted 2 MONTHS ago
Yesterday I asked about the process my 10 whitelist go through to see my app
Today I posted about the barrier about upgrading, totally unexpected and horrendous timing.

Thank you for answering. Your answer to the one yesterday do help.

Today, I cannot get into the editor to do what you suggested due to. This is another separate problem. Your answer does not help as I cannot go to the editor to DO what you suggested.

You cannot bully someone over conditions of a disability. YOu are criticising me for how I am using the forum rather than understanding what I am going through.

Hi Steve,

I get this and I cannot go in to the editor at all to do that.

Please could you direct me from here with screen grabs as I cannot get in to the editor please?

Again, I didn’t know better. I am sorry. I tried to get help didn’t know that email address.

Thank you I will contact them.

Sorry if my 4 different queries have swamped the community. not my intention. I have a communication difficulty and it would be much more accessible and quick for me to do it verbally and ensure I get help I need. Will try email though I get frustrated with not getting my point clearly understood and resolved

Thank you again.

I encourage you to contact support@appsheet.com directly. The team there is best suited to help you.