I'm noticing a significant timing difference ...

(Andrew Eills) #1

I’m noticing a significant timing difference for sync content between syncing via the normal app design “phone window” and syncing via the browser view.

If I delete a row, a sync in the normal design window will catch this on a sync directly after the row deletion.

The browser window takes up to a minute, before the row deletion will be reflected in the sync.

I have both windows open at the same time.

Is this normal?

(Andrew Eills) #2

I’m talking minutes delays on the browser sync being up-to-date vs seconds for the normal app design window.

(Tony Fader) #3

@Andrew_Eills There shouldn’t be any difference between them. I’d recommend looking at your performance profile: help.appsheet.com - Performance Profile

Performance Profile help.appsheet.com

(Andrew Eills) #4


Thx, Tony.

The sync times are all OK.

The problem is that the update I did doesn’t show up on a sync (browser view) until a minute or so has passed, yet a sync for the same update via the editor syncs the update seconds after making the update.

It’s like the update is available to be synced via the editor almost immediately, yet not available to be synced via the browser view until a minute or so has passed.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Andrew_Eills Does the problem still happen if you manually press the Sync[1] button?

(Andrew Eills) #6


Hi Tony - Yes.

I’m manually syncing every few seconds and after about 60 seconds, the sync finally picks up the change in the google sheet.

This morning, I experimented both ways.

If I make a change in the browser view, it takes 60 secs for the app edit window to pick it up (even though I am pressing sync every few seconds, and even though the change can be seen on the google sheet after a few seconds).

Same vice versa, if I make the change in the app edit window.

As I’m pressing sync every few seconds, the syncs are quick (1.7 secs), as you would expect, because the change isn’t being reflected in the sync.

Sometimes the sync takes 4-5 seconds, but still the change isn’t picked up by the sync.

finally, it will pick up the change.

I had one occasion, where the change was picked up by both windows after a few seconds, but that’s rare.

The app version in both windows is the same.

It’s a prototype app, for me to test ways to try and overcome the fact that appsheet can’t create multiple rows, as yet.

I just did a test where I deleted a row from the sheet and both app windows took two minutes to catch the change (with me pressing each window’s sync button every few seconds) .

I then closed the browser app view, and added a row to the sheet, which took minutes to be reflected in the editor app window (with manual syncing every few seconds).

Same for when I deleted a row via the sheet.

Just tested one of my deployed apps and everything is working fine, with sheet changes being reflected in the sync almost immediately.

Just closed the app and sheet and reopened them, but still taking minutes for the sync to pick up the changes.

(Tony Fader) #7

@Andrew_Eills Can you try turning off Delta Sync (under Behavior > Offline/Sync) and see if that helps?


(Andrew Eills) #8


I think that does the trick.

I’ve only tested it a couple of times, but before I turned Deltasyck off it was slow, but when DS is off, it is quick.

Shame, because I like Deltasync.