I'm running into a strange bug where one of t...

(Eric Chan Tai Kong) #1

I’m running into a strange bug where one of the sets of buttons on my form shows up with stars on the option. No idea how they ended up there but can someone advise me on how to remove them?

(Grant Stead) #2

I want stars!!!

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Do you have any format rule for that column?

(Eric Chan Tai Kong) #4

Yes, I found where the format rule appeared, however I did not put that it myself, so why did it end up in my app?@Aleksi_Alkio

(Grant Stead) #5

@Eric Chan Tai Kong to my knowledge there is not any automatic formatting on the appsheet end…

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

Interesting question… could it be possible that the rule has been there, but the condition has been FALSE and you haven’t noticed it before? Just trying to think what could be the reason for this.