I'm seeing a strange issue that just showed-u...

(Phil Robertson) #1

I’m seeing a strange issue that just showed-up with the new UI.

I have an ENUM with a Valid_if statement producing a list of dropdown values, and I have “Allow Other Values” set to “ON”.

However, when I have a value in the ENUM that isn’t in the Valid_if list, I am seeing the error: “This entry is invalid”.

My understanding is that with “Allow Other Values” set to “ON” I shouldn’t get this error?

Please advise, as this was working before the update.



(Simon Robinson) #2

Sounds like you’ve created a contradiction.

You’re saying it must be on that list.

But also they can add something that’s not on that list.

If you want to be able to add new items, deleted the Required_IF and create a Suggested Values list instead.

(Phil Robertson) #3

@Simon_Robinson you’re 100% right.


I should be using the Suggested values.