I'm testing out the new Save File functionali...

(Sebastian Tiller) #1

I’m testing out the new Save File functionality in Behavior > Workflows, attempting to generate a CSV and it successfully generates the CSV to a content folder in my Google Drive, but I cannot look at its contents or download the CSV.

Is there anything else I should be doing?


Hi @Octfolio_Seb Are you still having trouble with this. I just did a quick test on one of my apps and the csv file was in my appsheet attchments folder an able to be opened ok with google sheets.

(Philip Garrett) #3


Does the client who is attempting to open the .csv file have permissions to access the folder and the file?

(Sebastian Tiller) #4

@Lynn, @Philip_Garrett_Appsh Sorry for the confusion. The output of the CSV is in the Attachments folder as @Lynn pointed out and is working as expected.

I still can’t edit the structure which I used the ‘Create’ button to generate but I can create my own and repoint it at that.

Thanks for the help!