Im trying to create a form with dependent dro...

(David Tyler) #1

Im trying to create a form with dependent drop downs. Its an app to process item returns. From the initial drop down i have the material types listed, and from the secondary i have the items of that material types listed. Every time i change the initial drop down value it erases all values that do not match the new initial value. This is necessary for situations where there are multiple items made from multiple materials on a single return. It would be really convenient if there was a way to make a secondary value persist past an initial value change. Is there any way to make this happen?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@David_Tyler Hi David, here’s my understand of what you are trying to do: you have 2 dependent drop-downs (material types and items). The available options in the items drop-down are determined by the selected value in the materials drop-down. Once a value has been selected in the items drop-down, you don’t want this value to be cleared or reset if another value is selected in the materials drop-down.

Does this correctly describe what you to do? If so, you might want to try implementing the items drop-down using your own custom

Valid_If constraint. Specifically, you will need to write the Valid_If constraint in such a way that the selected value in the items drop-down will remain valid even if the selected value in the materials drop-down changes. Without knowing the logic of your application, I won’t be able to recommend how this can be done, so you will need to figure it out yourself. If you are unfamiliar with Valid_If drop-downs, please check out this article: - Dropdown from Valid_If Dropdown from Valid_If