I'm trying to create a little time tracker ap...

(Aaron Dahl) #1

I’m trying to create a little time tracker app for our small consulting team. I’ve looked at a few AppSheet samples, but they just don’t meet our needs properly. We don’t need a “punchcard” type system, and our projects all work by phases which need to be tracked per entry. I have created an app here (hopefully this works, I have not shared an app with the community before): https://www.appsheet.com/start/0fc77bca-c914-4b75-b7fb-9aa6898cabc2

Two tables: (1) Projects includes PROJECT and PHASE, (2) Time includes TIMESTAMP, DATE, EMPLOYEE, PROJECT, PHASE, ACTIVITY, TIME, and NOTES.

The first challenge I’m trying to work through, is being able to properly view the recorded data. User should be initially presented with the current week (M-Sunday preferably), yet have the option to go back to the prior week if necessary. The user needs to see the number of hours they have logged per day and per week. Using the Aggregate Sum function, I get a bubble just right of the date and it gives the user the total hours for that day. Creating two virtual columns allows me to capture the total number of hours for the current week, but How can I display the total number of week hours on the table view?

The second thing I’m trying to get worked out is the phases. Within the Project view, the Phase is an EnumList - most of the time each project is within one phase, but sometimes we might have people working on two or three phases of work (generally charged differently) in which case, the Time entry form needs to present a dropdown of the two or three available phases (and only the two or three available phases) to select from.

Thanks everyone for your assistance with this.

(Stephen Mattison) #2

I can’t open your App.

(Aaron Dahl) #3

I was afraid of that. Can you please try again? I’ve moved the app to deployed. I am trying to locate directions on how to share. Thanks

(StudentHomes Plymouth) #4

App link still won’t load, returns access denied. If this is not a “public” app i.e. requires a user to login then I don’t think you can (or should) share via community. Suggest you take this one to Appsheet support. For future reference to share a per user app you are best using Appsheet editor and select “User” icon - should be able to follow simple email link from there. If you want someone specifically to look at it for you you need to check them as co-author, but this will allow them full access. Hope this helps!