I'm trying to create a simple drop-down which...

(MM Group) #1

I’m trying to create a simple drop-down which collects operative names from another tab on the same sheet.

The field is set as Ref and the Fitter table selected:

When I save this and try to select the fitter I get a ‘view’ instead of a drop-down? What is wrong with this?

(Tony Fader) #2

@MM_Group It looks like you’re viewing the row in a detail view, which shows existing row data. If you edit that row, it should turn into a dropdown.

Alternatively, you can add that column as a quick edit column in your detail view settings. https://help.appsheet.com/ux/views/quick-edit

(MM Group) #3

Hi Tony, yes it does, thank you. I have only been testing AppSheet for a couple of days - AMAZING :slight_smile: