I'm trying to create app where we do not crea...

(tsuji koichi) #1

I’m trying to create app where we do not create user white list, but all the user need to sign in to capture the email address of user who access to our app.

Furthermore, we would like to put the security filter to control the access to particular views. What we would like to do is anybody can access to App itself, but once user log in, they need to “register” the details, such as Company Name, Tel number through “Form” within app.

App capture user email (by using Useremail() ) and other data through this form and save data to spreadsheet.

On the security control on each View, I put this expression on Showif control like this :

IN(USEREMAIL(), LIST(User Registration[Email]))

Column of “Email” in “User Registration” table contains the email address of users being captured through the Form. However, this expression does not work. We are only able to use the name of column rather than USEREMAIL() expression in this case?

What we would like to do is let anyone can access to app, but they need to “register” themselves within app to access and view data within app.

If any other alternative to make this happen, I would like to hear the solutions as well.

(tsuji koichi) #2

I changed expression to IN(USEREMAIL(), User Registration[Email]). It worked. My expression was wrong.