I'm trying to setup an app where employee's c...

(Valley Paving) #1

I’m trying to setup an app where employee’s can enter their time along with other information we use for our company.

I’ve created the app and now I’m trying to add security along with some common functionality.

So two things:

First security.

I’d like to be able to have people sign into the app.

I’m testing it now, and using my personal gmail account, however I keep getting an error message indicating that my email is not a recognized google login.

In addition to that, I’m getting an error message that states: "Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Data table “xyz” is not accessable due to: Google.Apis.Requests

Second, I have fields in my table that includes employee’s names.

Is there a way to link the employee’s login so it will auto populate that employee’s name?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - Is it possible that your “xyz” table have the option “access mode” as “As app user”?

#2 - You can read the user’s name with a formula LOOKUP(USEREMAIL(),UserTable,Email,Name)