I'm wondering if there is a bug with text ico...

(Jennifer Clem) #1

I’m wondering if there is a bug with text icons.

When formatting to change the color based on a column value, it will sporadically apply the formatting without any logic. Also, in the app editor preview, I have text icons with text that wraps (ie-“Poster 423”) and displays the whole text value. However, when I use the app on my phone, the icon truncated to just display “Poster.”

Is there anything I can do to fix it for the user?

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Jennifer_Clem1 Hi Jennifer, what’s the format rule condition that you use to change the color? It’s possible that certain values in the column may have extra spaces or typos that might cause them to not satisfy the condition. Also, have you tried setting the width of the text column? You can do so in the view definition of the view in question.

(Jennifer Clem) #3

I was setting the color based on the value entered in a column in my sheet. The values were entered from an enum column type, so shouldn’t differ.

Plus, I would navigate to my deck view, and the 1st row would have the color formatting and nothing else. Then if I clicked on a record, then used the back arrow, all of a sudden all the rows would have the correct color formatting.

Where is the text width setting? I’m not seeing it.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Jennifer_Clem1 To find the column width setting, in the UX > Views tab of the editor, open the view in question, and scroll to “Column width”. If the setting is not visible, click on “More settings” to display it.

The behavior of the color formatting that you described sounds like a bug. Could you give me the names of the relevant app, table, column, and format rule so that I can investigate?