Im working on a feature, which needs an xy im...

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Im working on a feature, which needs an xy image to show an neighbourhood plan or small town plan with each pixel of image callibrated to the latlong value and the user accessing the image must be able to annote on the picture to store the values of latlong, is this too much to think or any thoughts to make this work or any other alternatives, please suggest?

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Are you aware of the XP feature described in this article - Working with Maps

Working with Maps

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Yes, had idea of the Article, I was looking at say upload a custom image with XY column type and pick up two point A, Point B on the map and the values of A and B stored back into the Appsheet Table. So as user keep changing the position A or B, new values are added into the table on every add or edit. These values for points A and B must be in terms of Latlong so as to manipulate further data.

Thanks in advance for the support.