I'm working on an app to enter company expens...

(Alejandro Moncada) #1

I’m working on an app to enter company expenses, the form should contain 3 dynamic drop-down menus that feed from an spread sheet (google drive), When I open the form initially it only shows the first drop-down menu and hides the last two.

After I select an item on the first drop-down menu the second one appears but not as a drop-down menu but rather just one option that I can choose instead of a list. Please see attached images.

Any ideas?

(Fernando López) #2

I guess you need DEPENDENT DROPDOWNS, it uses VALID_IF and SHOW_IF properties, check this example and ask if you have any doubts… https://help.appsheet.com/ux/dropdowns-in-forms/dependent-dropdown Dependent Dropdown help.appsheet.com