Image background in UX view

Dear all,

I have a new bug on my App et nothing has been changed.

I have an UX view where I display an image to put pins on.

However, from few days, the image is not displayed and I don’t understand why…

In the column with XY data (for the pins) I’ve had the “BaseImage” data in respecting rules :

I don’t understand where is my mistake…please help me !!

Is your baseimage is in shared mode in your drive with Anyone with the link option?

Thank you Levent for your message.
Yes, the file is shared at any one with the link.

I know your solution is quite neat but @Thomas_CLERICO is using an image directly from gDrive, not an image from an app table though.

Agreed. There’s lots of discussion on that thread that I figured he could find applicable. He could also be collecting the image through the app, and just not realize that he could potentially grab it without hard coding it… The OP lacks situational context, so sometimes, extra info and exploring the situation vs. just solving the ask is important. So, was just adding in that info since I was just playing with this a bit ago…