Image Blowup option if set to background

Hey Guys,

Currently in detail views if you set image to anything other than background, when you click on the image it blows up,

Is this same behavior available when the image is set to background?

If not is it possible to create an action to do this?

There’s some guidelines in the documentation about how to handle image sizes, might be relevant:

So I guess that’s a No?

I’m wondering more about the behavior, as I love the look of the background image expessiant if you have lots of relevant references etc, looks great, but if the image is relevant it is probably best to just not set to background than.

My bad, I kinda mis-read that.

There is no behavior to blow up the background image, and unfortunately there isn’t an action to open an image.

There’s one for “Open a file” - but it’s explicitly for the File type, it rejects an image column.

Perhaps a feature request is in order?


Yes, Feature Request :slight_smile: