Image capture trouble android device

Hi @Gil,

  1. The Open Camera error message is “Saving the photo failed” (With the smartphone it works)
  2. In recent days, with the tablet’s default camera, it didn’t work, now it captures the image. I would like to test it for a few more days.
  3. Tablet OS Version (Android 10) - AppSheet Version 14.5
    Smartphone OS Version (Android 9) - AppSheet Version 14.5

And when does the error appears exactly? Is it after you take the photo but still in Open Camera? Or after going back to AppSheet?

The error appears when I take the photograph and is unable to return to Appsheet, while with the default camera it allows me to choose whether to proceed or discard. Previously with the default camera I did proceed but the image did not appear. A file in .jpg format was created in the folder projectname_Files_ and not in projectname_Images.

@MPollicino That’s strange.
Would you mind if I take a look at your app?
To enable me to do that please go to and check the “Allow AppSheet staff to access my apps for support and maintenance” checkbox.
I’ll also need your account ID, app name and name of the relevant table.
Would it be ok if I upload a picture for testing purposes?

The problem is caused by the update of OpenCamera from version 1.47.3 to version 1.48.3 for the Android 10 version; In fact, with Android 9 the communication between AppSheet (14.5) and OpenCamera has no problems, as Android 10 had no problems with the OpenCamera version (1.47.3) with AppSheet (14.5).
Now, I don’t have the opportunity to officially use another camera software, and I don’t even have the opportunity to downgrade. What solution can we adopt?
The problem is that, in the OpenCamera app, the permission to write to the folder is missing, as in the example visible in the photos.


Android 10, with OpenCamera version 1.48.3



Android 9, with OpenCamera version 1.48.3


When I updated Open Camera to Android 10, the news screen said:

Message 1:

As you can see, the main difference is in the app permissions. With Android 9, you have the opportunity to authorize Memory, with Android 10 no.
Can anyone help me?

Sorry, but as a new user I had to separate images.

The storage permissions makes sense. With the new scoped storage, apps don’t need any permissions to save media files.
Strangely I wasn’t able to reproduce on my device (Android 11, Open camera v1.48.3), have you tried enabling the Use Storage Access Framework option?
Also, what is the tablet’s model?