Image click to full size

I want the image to appear in a larger size if I click on. Is it possible?

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So the only way I could think of doing this would be the following:

  1. Create a detail view that only includes the image and as large.

  2. Create an Action that opens the detail view (put the view you want to use for the Target)

  3. On your Card View select the white space and it will give you the option to select what happens when you click on it. Then select the New Action on Click.

It won’t be as full size as if you just opened the image from in the detail view, but it will at least be bigger?


I thought of another way to do this last night without the action. If you don’t ever need to see a detail view of this slice with all of the columns, then just have one detail view that simply has the picture as large with no other columns. Then for On Click select to go to details. This would skip the action step. But I believe will only work if you have no reason to need multiple detail view options for this slice.