Image display from other app data source

Hi team,

I requested my colleague to have a read access on their gsheet data source for me or use as my data source on my app. I added the said gsheet on my table and i works. Apparently the data source(gsheet) has an image field containing something like “User_Images/xxx.User Photoxxxx.jpg” and its not displaying on my app. I ask my colleague to have also a read access on the “User_Images” folder, save the shortcut on the same folder on my google drive but still no luck. Is their a way that i can use the image folder they shared on my app? or what is the best thing to do? We wanted to have shared data source to have something like a centralize data base for all of our apps and other creator. Hope some one could help. Thanks in advance

You need to move the shared images folder and the gSheet back-end under gDrive > appsheet > data > AppName-ID folder

Hi Sir @LeventK,

Already moved just now but no good.