Image file picker is not working to upload image on desktop mode

I just reported to support to call for assistance, but we are seeing the problem to upload image from file pickers on desktop application.

We are able to select the image file file picker then after that nothing is going to happen.

We tested with few other apps, seeing the exactly same problems.

Just give a head up to community if you may see the same problem with us.



I am having the same problem. It has been in this situation for about 3 hours.

Thanks for reporting back and share your response.

Obviously outage across all the users.

Will update if any response back from support desk.

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Ya same problem here. Mobile is working well but in desktop, I am unable to upload picture.

I am having the same issue

Same, not working here either.

I will share the response from support desk once they make.


Should have been resolved in a deployment that happened at 7:20PM PST. Could you please refresh the browser and check? Thanks

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Hi Praveen,

Thank you for taking immidiate action.
I simply refreshed the browse and resync app, which did not solve the problem.
Then log out from the app once and back on again.
Then now able to load the image.

I presume all the users experieincing the same issue should need to log out the app and re-login.

just for the guidance to everyone.


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If you are running in a browser, it should be enough to clear the browser cache and refresh (actually, you can also do a sync and wait a short bit and that should do it too). However, logging in and out normally has no impact that I am aware of. It might just be coincidental in your case @tsuji_koichi