Image file resolution My user claim the app ...

(tsuji koichi) #1

Image file resolution

My user claim the app is making the resolution lower once the file being uploaded. Original photo (taken by device) is with high resolution, but app does not maintain this when we view on the app.

I assumed the setting of “UX/Option/Image upload size” may solve this, so changed the setting onto “Full”.

Am I on the right track?

I tested before/after changing this setting, and I’m on the feel the image get better resolution, but not remarkably.

I also want to know what is the pros/cons of this setting to change from low to full in the range.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You are in the right track. Please check this article about the image sizes… - Capturing Images Capturing Images

(tsuji koichi) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio Hi Aleksi, thank you for your comment.

After testing several time, i noticed that sync speed is getting far slower when we capture image with high and full rather than default.

Is that the impact to affect to the behaviour of the app, by changing the image size from default to larger side of high and full at the end?

(tsuji koichi) #4

@praveen Thank you for your advice.

The terms of “If the App is running”, does it mean the users leave the App up and running on the background rather than completely close the app on the device?

On the case of I phone, when we use the app and press home button, I understand App is still up and running on the background. Until user close the app by double clicking the home button and shut app down, the app still “running” under your term?

The problem with me I need to keep the app setting to automatic background sync due to spec of the app we deployed.

I understand the battery is drained due to network activity such as sync, and image compression, so i noticed when we take photo x approx 10 time consequently on the app, then 1% of battery is drained on my i phone for instance. I understand this is not avoidable to lose the battery when we play around with app by design. But if automatic background sync drain battery where user is not actually working on app on device, wondering how can we avoid auto sync. Option of automatic sync/background sync is not separated, so not able to set each individually.

At least, i want to stop automatic refresh/update on the background when the user is not using the app on mobile. every 30 min the battery is drained without user noticing it.

I assumed I phone setting - general - background app refresh might be a solution to stop auto background sync, however, Appsheet is not listed up here, so unable to do on/off this.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

Default’s size is 600px (width) and that’s why it takes more time to save the record.

(tsuji koichi) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio I got it, thank you for your advice.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #7

If you want to set it to a higher resolution, then make sure to enable background sync. Note that full resolution is very high res for modern devices.

(tsuji koichi) #8

@praveen Thank you for posting comment, Praveen.

I reckon background sync means “Delayed Sync” setting to turn on and off.

Sorry for changing the subject here, but I’m currently in tricky situation in terms of “Automatic Update” sync, where my users want to control this at this end, rather than setting on app definition.

They want to change by user setting to select this option within the app based on their location and circumstances.

For instance, they want to sync auto on one case, but they want to explicitly change this to stop (not apply auto update), case by case.

My answer is No for the moment, ofc, as this is related to app definition.

However, as a tip, I may explain like this.

When the user is online environment, but want NOT to apply

auto sync, then they launch the app first. Turn off wifi, data roaming. Then take a shot to add, edit whatever they need on the app. Then turn off wifi, roaming again.

My understanding is Appsheet will not start to push data to server

afterwards, just keep maintaining all the edit data on device until the user explicitly hit the sync button.

In this way, regardless of connectivity, user can control “auto sync”. Likewise the case the auto sync is enabled, the users need to hit sync button to apply changes to the server.

Am I’m on the right track about this explanation to the users?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #9

Delayed sync just says — don’t do it immediately. This requires the user to explicitly hit sync.

Automatic background sync is an additional option on top of Delayed Sync. With this, the user doesn’t need to hit sync — the system does it automatically in the background.

Even without these options, if there is a loss of network connectivity, changes get queued up. However, when the network is restored, the app should start syncing again. At the moment, it does not detect this very well, but we have some work planned that will make this detection much better. While this may not be what you want to hear for your scenario, most users want sync to happen automatically without every thinking about it (just like an email app).

I understand that some users may want to control the sync behavior of the app explicitly. But I do not have a good solution for this. To me, it seems like a clunky approach to turn off wifi and roaming (what if they want to get email/WhatsApp but not sync AppSheet).

(tsuji koichi) #10


When I have a look at audit history, I can see log where some users sync in approx 30 min when I set app auto update. But this is just limited to a couple of users. Why does this happen?

I assumed auto update will be happening background and push latest data to all the users, but as far as I see, i could not find the log for this background sync record, not all, but just a limited number of users.

Those user on the log might keep the app open and up and running at the background of their devices? Is that a reason?

I have app and users are saying it drains the battery quite significantly. So read blog and docs, it may drain the device battery when we run and set up “Auto Update”.

Also user takes number of the picture on the device and save to the app. This would also another reason to drain battery when the app is in user by the users.

(tsuji koichi) #11

@praveen Hi Praveen, I do appreciate for your advice over my previous query in terms of auto refresh stuff. Checking the audit history, it continuously do background sync to few users although we are not making any changes within App. Story is the same this background sync does happen only a couple of users, not all, according to audit history log.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #12

If the app is running, then the automatic background sync kicks in every 30 minutes to pull any changes from the backend.

Battery is drained primarily by network activity and secondarily by activity like image compression. I woudl suggest disabling automatic background refresh to see if this helps with battery consumption.