Image in form view

Hi, possible to add one photo in a form view ?

I have a table with car description and an other with ref column. When i add value with the form, possible to add the car photo in the head or another image ?


Yes it’s possible.

@LeventK thx, how to ? :sweat_smile:

Have you checked this page?

@LeventK this is not what i need. I need to show an existing image in the form view. Existing image referenced in a table.

You should be able to use a Show-type column if what you want to do is simply display the image.

Then you need to set an IMAGE type column and construct an AppFormula with a de-ref expression to fetch the image from the referenced table:


THX i’ll try it :wink:

You’re welcome

I’ve try it and it half work :wink:

When i open my form and select my value from my enum list ( [RefColumnName] ], the photo don’t charge. But if i open my form with an action button who prefilled the value ( [RefColumnName] ], it work … Waht do u think ?