Image is not displayed before saving the form

Previously, when adding a picture in a form before saving, the picture was visible, but now the image is displayed after saving the form
We are deliberately entering data based on information in the image

@tony / @morgan can you check this issue?

Hi @mohammedjs, is this happening only on a mobile device, or also in a browser? Could you give us the name and OS, and version number of the devices/browsers that exhibit this problem?

before it was like that.

Hi @mohammedjs,
This known issue is effecting small portion of our iOS users (as far as we know). We’re still not 100% why is this happening, but we do know that it only effect the image preview meaning that once you save the form and sync the image would sync. The image will show up on your app once the sync is done (since it’s no longer a preview).
This only occurs in the mobile app, so using the browser instead could be a workaround.

when this issues will be solved ???
plz your support ?

when this issues will be solved ???
plz your support ?

We’re not sure when we’ll have a solution for this.
For now, we’re adding an error message to show in this case (should go live tomorrow).