Image link not working because of space in the filename and path


I have an app with a field IMAGE1. User can take a picture with a phone. The file is stored in a drive folder and the path is in the column value a the google sheet.

Filenames are weird: ex: 063713226396.Photo 1.013339.jpg

I wanted to copy the image to our server and link to it on our shopify store but the url not working because of the . and space.

Can I do something about it? I have over 3000 images, I really don’t want to do it manually.


That’s very odd! Sounds like a problem with your Shopify store.

Actually, not. Shopify needs the url to be straightforward, wiht the filename ending with .jpg

It can’t link directly to a drive or dropbox. This is the reason I us a server in between. I have a CSV file with the url pointing to the image on the server

Is the column name “Photo 1” instead of “IMAGE1”?

No, it’s IMAGE1, does it change something?

Sorry, you are right, it’s photo 1. Thanks, I’ll look into that