Image mising in reports

I have a client with a Google Docs report template file we haven’t changed in months. About a 3rd of the images (roughly 10ish) are missing and instead show something like this

Note how the lower image is fine. Also when you click on the link it opens up ok in a browser.

The user reports that if they rerun the report it seems to be the same images missing each time

Any ideas?


We are having the same issue. Our report generate, but we have a rectangle box where the image should be. I have also noted that on the app itself, some images are not loading either.


Make sure Security>options>Require Image and File URL Signing is turned off.

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This is still an issue even with signing turned off

Also its kinda random.

Ran 1st time = 5 missing, including a signature
Ran 2nd time = none missing
Ran 3rd time = 1 missing

Each about 2-3mins apart

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We are also experiencing randomness. The same Workflow PDFs sometimes include all photos, other times random photos are missing.

Please contact for help with this.

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Same here. Instead of the signature we sometimes get a gray box. If we run the workflow again, the image is there. I will contact support.
Workflow = DSGVO PDF

I can click on the gray box, because it contains the image URL. When I open it, I get this Error:
ERROR 9504: Could not fetch the image - request timed out

I don’t think that this is necessary. If you open the workflow and click on “Test”, you can see the JSON code. In there you find the image URL. This is an URL to the image file with a signature. But this URL is public even if “Require Image and File URL Signing” is turned on.
As stated here, this URL signature doesn’t seem to have an expiration.

It seems that while creating the PDF file, the rendering service cannot access the image in some cases.


Here is the answer from AppSheet support:

This is a temporary issue with some images: if you retry loading the image, at the second attempt it will work.

Obviously this is not a valid fix for the already created reports.

The product team is already aware of this issue and they are working on a fix.

I will add your account to the list of the affected one to get the fix rolled out, once available.


Still waiting for a fix…