Image mising in reports


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@1minManager sorry to hear the issue still persists. It’s been a very harder problem to get to root of exact cause. Team has some theories and testing out different options.

Meanwhile, we have tried to change the underlying renderer for your account. Can you please give it a try now and see if it works.

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Yes that seems to work ok now

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Hi @Harsh_Ch we are also affected. Please add our account too.
ID: 651676

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We are also experiencing this issue. Please add our account as well.


I am experiencing this today. Is there only a partially rolled out fix, or any other updates on this?

Edit: Support’s response is that there is still only a temporary fix that can be applied to individual accounts, where the image rendering service is set back to the old one. This did the trick for my case.


This is happening again for me today… :sob:

Simon, We have multiple reports with this issue today. We are actively working on it now.


Sorry Simon but unfortunately I’ve had this issue - now sporadic - for the past 2 months.

Fingers crossed we have a resolution.