Image not always loading in Galary View

Hey Guys,

So I have a Gallary View that is of Ref Type.
I have a form when on save of the form, i go back to this view, problem is the images dont load.

I have the app starting on this view and everything is fine, but when I use link to view it goes to the view, just the image isnt loading. This is pretty problematic and I cant finalize an app because of this.

Im navigating back to the gallery view on a form save. The images load just fine if the user does not click on new in the Referances in the form. If they select existing options and complete the form it works fine. If they create a new item because somthing does not exhist yet, and than go back to form and complete n save, the gallary images do not load.

Any suggestions?

I don’t entirely understand the problem, but I’d guess the problem is because the gallery view uses values from virtual columns that need to be recomputed. To force that recomputation, a sync needs to occur.

I’m curious: if you just wait, taking no action after saving the form, does the gallery view fix itself after a few minutes?

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No the gallery view uses data from a table. No virtual columns exhist.

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I suggest you engage on this one. They’ll probably need to look into your app config.

Ok, So i just fixed it, but something is not right.

The table was a read only table, I changed it to updates as well. It now works without any problem, and I just disabled the edit action.

Solution was to just make sure the table was not a read only but this should not make a difference. Hopefully this is enough info to get this resolved.