Image not showing in PDF attachment

Hi all,
I have searched the forum and nobody seems to have this problem. Any help would be much appreciated.

The images are displaying their URL with a broken image icon in front instead of the image itself.

This is how the Google Doc calls the images:

Signature:‏‏ ‏‏<<[Signature]>>‏
Attached Images:‏
‏Photo of Item Inspected:‏
‏<<[Photo of item]>>‏ <<[Extra Photo]>> ‏<<[Extra Photo_10]>>‏ <<[Extra Photo_11]>>‏ <<[Extra Photo_12]>>‏ <<[Extra Photo_13]>>‏

I cannot seem to figure out what is wrong here!
Please help. Thanks!

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:thinking: I would check the “Image/File folder path” for the image column, make sure it’s pointed where it needs to be

Aside from that, I would reach out to if that doesn’t work - they’ll be able to directly assist you.


I made a video a while back about the difference between what you’ve got (what I call a “long form”) and setting up a parent-child relationship; it might help make things easier in the long run.


I have been facing the same issue for few days.

I reported the issue to the Appsheet support but it is not yet fixed.

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Lots of people have posted about this problem. Please contact for help with this.

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Hi @Steve ,I have had the same problem with the images in the PDF, but intermittently, today this error also appeared to me, it is not critical but it does cause us inconveniences in the company process. Hopefully it stabilizes soon

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