Image not showing up

When I upload an image it is not shown in the form view and when I save the entry, I only see a exclamation mark in the detailed view.

I will explain my work method in the hope that one of you can provide me with a solution.

I have the following relevant columns:

  • Change Counter;
  • Input Method;
  • Link to Contact Database Entry; and
  • Image.

The change Counter column changes upon a change in the input method column. This is relevant for resetting the values of the last two columns to their initial values.

The image column is set automatically if the input method column is set to link to contact database entry and if the reference to the contact database entry has been made.

If the input method column is set to manual input, then the user is allowed to pick a image.

I have used the following formulas in the image column:

Initial value
IF([Input Method:] = “Link To Contact Database Entry”, [Link To Contact Database Entry:].[Photo:], “”)

NOT([Input Method:] = “Link To Contact Database Entry”)

Reset on edit?
NOT([Change Counter:] = 0)

In the form entry this method seems to work, it will set an image automatically if the reference to a contact has been made, and the user is allowed to pick an image if this is not the case.
However, as pointed out before, after selecting the image manually no image is shown in the form view and only an exclamation mark is shown in the detailed view.

Can somebody please point out what it is I’m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

If I had to guess, the error is coming from the initial value equation for the image. It can not find the photo from [Link To Contact Database Entry:]. I would check that that link still works and that there is a photo still there. If it can’t find that path then you will get an exclamation mark. Also verify that there is actually a photo there.

Hi @EIG,

Thanks for responding.

The image is shown correctly if the input method is link to contact database.
However, if the user selects manual input, then the user is allowed to pick a photo manually. This is where things don’t work.
I am able to pick a photo manually from my phone’s storage, but it does not show up in the form view and in the detailed view.

After selecting a photo manually all I see is the clear photo action.

See image attached

I do not know the answer but I would try to narrow it down by removing your formula in “Initial value”, “Editable?”, and “Reset on edit?” one at a time to see if removing one of those makes it works. Or do the opposite. Remove all of those formulas, see if it works, then add back each one of the formulas one at a time.

I am also having a similar problem after the image is selected it is shown until it sync’s. Once sync’d it then disappears to show an exclamation mark. I also have a formula in the Editable property so I will try with this removed to see if it makes any difference.