Image only showing on 2nd attempt


I’m facing an issue on all images on my app .
If I open the image 2st time , it will show exclamation mark like this :
But if I go back , and then enter the page again , it will show the image this time.

yes this is one of long running mistery how it happens…

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Please contact for help with this.

One of the tendency we found.

On the appsheet editor and emulator, it is pretty much frequently happens. Once we edit the app, the emulator will not show the images. Then we move to the full screen modes The images which have been collapsed are correctly displayed.

Our mystery is getting deeper enough.

I have had the same problem for a couple of days, but I assumed it was a browser situation.

I already sent a short video with my situation to support

when seeing for the first time:


when going to the previous or later, and back:


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Yes, we do have same phenomenon.
Refresh browser by heavy load, to entirly refresh the site, it does not solve the problem

Leave the problem as it is.

Then access to the app afterwards and sometime.

Thne the problem is gone.

Everyday in my team, we are talking about what it is, why it happens, but most importantly, we are not sure how to avoid this to happpen… :sleepy:

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Im getting this all the time , not here and there.

There is no solution on the meantime ?

Will see how appsheet team would give us reasonable answer and solutions.

Hi @tsuji_koichi do you have you seen changes or do you still have that problem?