Image path was abnormal, and the value on image cell was blank

Sorry to post again, but maybe a picture will explain better than my words

Work Normally

And this is the problem

Where should i check?
What should i do?
Thanks in advance

From what I have seen from this screen shot; presumably you are uploading photos from your mobile devices storage which is generating a filename including the mobile path like this (as per your red markup rectangled area):
... /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/TimePhoto_20191219_142648.jpg

which is then generating a full image path like this:
/Data_Images/INST0084155.REDAMAN OPM FAT.090141.05_ /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/Camera/TimePhoto_20191219_142648.jpg

of course this path is URL encoded and therefore you are noticing it like:


I strongly assume that there is an image file of > TimePhoto_20191219_142648.jpg
Under this folder of your gDrive > appsheet/data/PAG IKR_rev01-AccountID/Data_Images/INST0084155.REDAMAN OPM FAT.090141.05_

So the path abnormal because of URL encoded?
Is there anyway to fix the file name without mobile path?

I can’t find a file name Timephoto_20191219_142648.jpg on my drive. I use “search”.
And i also can’t find folder INST0084155 on Data_Images

Just notice, i rename the folder. From “PAG IKR_rev01-xxxxxxx” to “PAG IKR Active”. Did you think this will make problem occured?

You have renamed your app’s default folder? If so have you renamed it directly from the Google Drive or have you renamed the path from the app editor?

Rename directly on drive

Have you made the same path change in the app editor as well? That I have posted in above? If not, this means that your app is truely pathless :slight_smile:

No. Just notice it.:sweat_smile:
Its because you ask me to check a file under some folder. So i trace how can you make that path

Congrats then :sweat_smile:

I will rename back. It should be, [apps name] - [account ID] isnt it?

Copy and paste the value in the app editor under Info >> App Properties >> Default app folder

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Ok. I will check. And about your question before,
No file on that name.

And no folder with this name

Check above folder in your Android device

Done rename the folder. Will check later is it back to normal or not. Thanks mate. Anyway, did this is the main problem? But why sometimes work normally, sometimes problem?

May advice contacting directly

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Sadly i can check this. Because not my mobile phone. This was another user that upload the picture. So this happened because the image was stored on a memory card?

Ok. Thanks for great help. I will check is the problem still exist or not. Many thanks for support and guidence :pray::pray:

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You’re welcome

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The problem still exist. :frowning: