Image path

Currently as per help.appsheet this is all that is possible
" Each image file name is prefixed by the key of the row being updated, the column name, and a short representation of a timestamp. The structure of the filenames is not changeable. However, you can use a computed-key if you would like to have more meaningful names for these files."

I would like to add some column name to the image path to make it more meaningful like a month column or add some short text to path etc

If I understood what you mean, you can actually do that, you just have to provide an expression to the ‘Image/File folder path’ option when you configure a column as ‘Image’.

For example, I wanted to create a separate image folder for each machine of each client in my app, so what I did was:

CONCATENATE(‘Equip_Images’, ‘/’, [customer], ‘/’, [equipment])

this would create some folder structure like

You might as well include any other function to create your custom path like date functions, SELECT() and whatnot.

Hope this helps.


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