Image syncing from Google drive to AppSheet. ...

(Stefan Ottomanski) #1

Image syncing from Google drive to AppSheet.

When images are uploaded from Google drive to AppSheet, I understand they are reduced to 600px across.

If the image on Drive is say, 5mb, does the whole thing have to upload to AppSheet first before it is shrink to the smaller in-app image?

Or should the images be first shrunk down to 600 pixels to speed up syncing?

Would like to know how it works. I understand that AppSheet shrinks the images before uploading when the photos are taken within the app. But how does it work from drive to app?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You have the UX > Options > Image Upload size option where you can choose what will be the image size when you save the image into the Drive. When you open the page with a image from the app, it will use the same size you have uploaded.

(Stefan Ottomanski) #3


Yes but if the image is say 5mb on google drive and you have 100 of them, does AppSheet have to use 100 x 5mb = 500 mb of bandwidth to sync those images into AppSheet?

If I shrink the images first in google drive they are about 100 x 200kb = 20mb of bandwidth.

It is what I do now but an extra and time consuming step

(Stefan Ottomanski) #4

My images are uploaded directly to Google drive, and not through the app

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

@Stefan_Ottomanski1 Hi Stefan, for the images to be displayed in the app, they have to be downloaded from Google Drive and stored in your mobile device. As a result, the more images you have, and the larger the images, the longer it will take to sync the app. 100 images at 5 MB per image is quite a lot of data to download. As a result, I highly recommend reducing the size of your images, especially if you anticipate the number of images to increase in the future.

(Stefan Ottomanski) #6

@Harry Thanks. That’s what I wanted to know.