Images and how to auto rename upon adding in AppSheet?


First, I am a total newb! So I am sorry if this is in the category of “stupid questions”. However, I do hope that the community will help as I am stuck.

So, I have an app that’s connected to a Google Sheet as the backend. What I am trying to do is to have the images that I upload do 3 things. I will try my best to explain here below in bullets:

  1. Each image has a naming convention using the data in a field in specific columns in the spreadsheet (i.e. FirstName.FamilyName.[uniquenumber] - Eric.Smith.001)

  2. The image is saved in a folder that is automatically created in Google drive using the “FamilyName” field.

  3. The app finds the “FamilyName” field/identifier and sorts them into the same folder, essentially identifying each person with the last name, as of the same family. Note: I am aware that the last name is not a good identifier and have a “system” for that to avoid redundancy!!!

I have tried using the CONCETANATE value, but since I have no idea what I am doing I have failed. Miserably at that…

Please help!

It’s not very clear exactly which part you are stuck on or are asking a question about. But here’s a recent tip on how to give custom names to files. Note that you will never have complete control over the names of files uploaded through the app.