Images does not update in appsheet (Manage version Google Drive) HELP! Need fast resolve!

I do version updates of images in google drive. However even with all the fancy time saving features off in Appsheet the images does not get updated here. I have 50 people out in the field relying on updated images :open_mouth:

EDIT: I’ve done a dirty fix with adding a letter to all files in that folder with google apps script. This is however not a permanent solution

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Hi @Ratatosk

This is a case where you edited the image directly in Google Drive, right?

In that case, I ran into the same problem.
I contacted support and they concluded that the images are cached and the only way to fix it is to wait for the cache to clear or upload updated images from AppSheet.

It was not a critical issue at the time, so I did not take any special action, but I still want my edits in Drive to be reflected in AppSheet.


Thank you for your knowledge and insight @Takuya_Miyai.

This is the case where I update versions of an image (So we also can have history of the images)

I will take this further, as this will affect my customers and our results in a real way. In reality it’s not a cache problem it is a problem of them not reading time data in google drive and updating accordingly.



Yes, I also think that AppSheet should also fetch the latest image file if the file timestamp has been updated.
As you pointed out, I too think that the current cache system does not do that.


Support recommends that I turn on Secure image access. This way the images is not cached in their servers. I may take a day to update, so I’ll post back here then with the results.


AppSheet’s image delivery systems should have changed since the aquisition by Google, the system is change to Google own system where the image cache is pretty much strong enough.
Turning off Secure image access will not bring you much of any differences, regardless AppSheet support said to you.


Great to hear!

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