Images in Detail View not responding to Fill, Fit and Background

I have a standard image being used in a detail view that appeared bright & vibrant as the original - no grey out but when I logged in this morning its greyed out as in a background image.I need it to display in its original form so I selected Fill, but it remains in background form.

Could use some help. Thanks everyone

Hi Daisy, what’s the app name?

Thanks Praveen its VillageConnect-506404

I’m hoping to have that background in full color as opposed to greyed out as it was before since as I’ve presented it in full color. Thanks Praveen

Hi Daisy, I have the app open. I’m looking at a Detail view for events. Per the view definition, the image should be in the background, so it is. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “full color”. Did you want it to be in the background but not partially opaque?

Yes Full Color. I also selected Fit and Fill but the view did not change.

Could you change the app to use Fit or Fill, save the change and then see. If it is still not showing what you want, please lmk … then we can investigate the app. I don’t want to change your app if I can avoid it and right now, it asks for a background image, so it is seems to be working as configured.

Ok, I selected Fit and Save but no change and then selected Fill and pressed Save and still no difference.

Daisy, you are changing the definition of AllianceProfileDetails — but this slice seems empty so no rows are shown.

In the menu, I chose Events and drilled into that. That uses the Events Details UX view definition. Perhaps you coudl change that to Fit or Fill and see?

Good morning Praveen, thank you. I reverted to my duplicate database where I do have data coming through the slice and here’s what I’m getting. The background image will work perfectly but initially the image was not opaque - see further down below. This is what I presented to the prospect and unfortunately now the image is opaque. Is there any way to get back to the non-opaque full-color Background image?

Good morning Praveen, I just wanted to follow up on the note above. I presented the full color image but now it displays as an opaque image. How did it display full color before and how do I get back to the full color?

A million thanks

Good morning, I made a copy of the app and see the background image in full color again. How do I ensure it doesn’t revert to the opaque?